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Even after investing in your home for years, you still may be searching for that missing link to tie your home together. A Velux Skylight with professional installation may be the answer. Skylights add dimension and character to rooms, offering benefits that other additions to your home can’t match. A skylight can brighten up a traditionally dark room, like a hallway bathroom or secluded bedroom, while still offering the privacy that you value. 

Skylights are all-weather tools to enhance your decor, with pops of sunlight in dark spaces or glimpses into a starry night sky. Picture sitting in a comfy chair, watching clouds roll in for a spring storm or the soft falling of snow. These picturesque moments do more than just add an experience to your home, they also mean that your home will increase in value after H&F Exteriors’ professional installation. 

More Than Just Your Average Skylight

With H&F, you aren’t just limited to the features of traditional skylights. If you’re worried about the amount of type of light coming in, you can also add automated blinds to your skylight with custom filters to your preference. These blinds can block out the light entirely, or just add a snazzy bit of style to your home’s newest acquisition. There are so many options to choose from including: 

Fresh Air Skylights

Custom Skylights

Sun Tunnel Skylights

Roof Windows

Modular Skylights

Smart Home Skylights

Some of our skylight products can qualify you for up to a 26% tax credit on both the purchase and installation when you have qualifying Velux products installed in your home. These qualifying products include the VELUX Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights, the VELUX residential rigid Sun Tunnel with the solar night light, and VELUX Solar Powered Shades. The team at H&F are happy to walk you through these items, and how they can add value to your home as well as a little sunshine!

Trust The Experts At H&F Exteriors

No matter your option, professional installation is key. Your home should always feel secure. When someone is cutting out pieces of your roof, it’s easy to start thinking that sky might very well soon be falling. But this is exactly why Velux Skylights holds its installers to the highest possible industry standard, requiring rigorous testing protocols before certification.

H&F Exteriors is one of a select few certified contractors in the St. Louis area.

It’s natural to wonder how durable a new installation on your home may be. You’ll be glad to know that skylights and sky tunnels, installed properly, are long-lasting and sound additions to the architecture of existing houses. Velux Skylights are warrantied against all leaks for ten years, in addition to the twenty-year warranty on the glass itself. Velux is the name in skylights, and have built their brand on a foundation of reliability, ease of distribution, and high quality product. 


We can help you create your dream home

The team at H&F Exteriors has been improving homes and communities for over fifteen years, and the one constant we have found in our work is that quality installation means more than anything else. You deserve experts like us who check every stud and screw, scrutinize every piece of equipment, and install with finesse and speed. We pride ourselves on reliable, consumer-first service, and are happy to answer any questions you may have.