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Get the Right Gutter Replacement or Gutter Installation for Your Home

A new rain gutter installation is extremely important to protect the structural integrity of your home, foundation, and roofing system, although it might not be the most exciting home improvement or renovation project. By channeling rainwater away from your house, high-quality gutters help prevent wood rot, mold growth, foundation cracks, and water damage.

The gutter experts at H&F Exteriors pride ourselves on ensuring St. Louis Metro East homeowners can feel confident that their rain gutter system can stand up to Mother Nature season after season. Offering the best in gutter repair, replacement, and installation, H&F Exteriors is dedicated to superior craftsmanship and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

How Do I Know My Gutters Need to Be Replaced?

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Your Gutter Replacement Expert

New gutter installation provides you with a reliable, efficient, and visually appealing gutter system that defends your home and enhances its value. A consultation with a professional gutter contractor like H&F Exteriors can help you assess your home’s specific needs and determine the best gutter installation for your property.

Why a Gutter Replacement by H&F Exteriors is the Right Choice for Your Home

Protects Your Home From Leaks

Damaged gutters cause water to back up onto your roof and allow it to pool around your foundation, causing expensive water damage and leaks. Defend your home from top to bottom with a high-quality gutter installation.

Increases Curb Appeal

Unsightly stains and rust from old and damaged gutters can be eyesores on your home. Restore the look of your property with custom gutter and downspout installation from the H&F Exteriors Team.

Complements Your Home’s Design

H&F Exteriors carries a variety of gutter options, from aluminum and vinyl to copper and galvanized steel, to fit the aesthetics of your home’s exterior while offering the ultimate in outdoor protection.

See Your Home With a New Gutter Installation!

Visualize your home’s potential by snapping a few photos.

How to Choose Gutters for Your Gutter Replacement Project

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5-inch vs. 6-inch

For residential guttering, the primary decision that needs to be made is whether 5-inch gutters are adequate for your needs, or if 6-inch gutters would better serve you.  Most residential houses were built with 5-inch gutters, but many homeowners experience frustration with their gutters overflowing during heavy rainfall. Sometimes larger gutters are the answer, while other options, like diverter plates or additional downspouts, may help.

Gutter Protection

Don’t love cleaning out your gutters two to three times per year? No one does! If you have large trees over your house, gutter protection is a no-brainer. Choosing the right protection for your gutters, however, can be difficult – there are so many different products that vary in cost, efficiency, and ease of you. H&F Exteriors has the expertise to determine which product would best protect your gutter system. Eliminate another item from your yearly to-do list and add on gutter protection to your restoration or remodeling project!

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Downspout Extensions

Water seepage in your basement is an absolute nightmare and rarely covered by insurance. Seepage is caused by hydro-static water pressure that builds up around your home’s foundation, giving water a way to find its way into your basement walls. The best way to avoid damage is to direct water away from your foundation. An efficient water shedding system will shed all the water that hits your roof into your gutters and channel it through the downspout expansions to a safe distance in your yard.

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A Gutter Company Near Me in Edwardsville and St. Louis

H&F Exteriors has helped homeowners across the Metro East protect their homes and everything inside with superior gutter installation services backed by our workmanship guarantee. If your gutter system isn’t doing its job, give H&F Exteriors a call to schedule your complimentary gutter inspection.

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