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Your Source for Affordable Fencing in Edwardsville and St. Louis Metro East

You demand a lot out of your fence – it needs to keep your pets and kids safely in your yard, protect your home from unwanted visitors, and offer the privacy you crave when you want need a little escape from the rest of the world – all while looking its most beautiful day after day.

H&F Exteriors offers first-class fence installation to homeowners who want to enhance their property and enjoy greater peace of mind knowing their family is safe and protected. An eye-catching and affordable fence is the best accessory to any home, and our builders are here to ensure it lives up to your expectations, whether you’re replacing a damaged fence or installing a fence for the first time.

Has your fence been damaged by a recent storm? Take the pain out of insurance claims by letting H&F Exteriors handle the hard work for you!

More Fencing Options for Metro East Homeowners

H&F Exteriors can transform any home with a durable and stylish fence that fits your budget, home aesthetics, and timeline. Our skilled fence installers are committed to exceptional service from day one, helping you select a top-quality fence that meets your specific functionality needs and customizing it your personal style with your choice of colors, material, and decorative accessories. Most important, we install it to your complete satisfaction with an eye on every last detail to make sure it’s perfect.

Our fences are manufactured by Missouri Vinyl Products. With their top-of-the-line materials, we can install every major type of fencing. Contact us today to see our full lineup of options!

Aluminum Fencing

Enjoy the timeless style of aluminum fencing and the benefit of minimal maintenance. Because aluminum does not rust, rot, or decay, it requires little effort to keep it looking beautiful, so you can just kick back and relax in your outdoor space.

Picket Vinyl Fencing

The white picket fence dream is an affordable reality with high-quality vinyl fencing available in a variety of styles. Enjoy enhanced security, greater functionality, and beautiful curb appeal that all add value to your current home.

Ranch Rail Vinyl Fencing

Outfit your property with traditional ranch rail fencing in 2-rail, 3-rail, 4-rail, or crossbuck. The impeccable design may have been born down on the farm, but its country estate vibe instantly transforms the look of any home.

Privacy Vinyl Fencing

High-quality privacy fencing not only out keeps prying eyes, but protects your kids and pets from leaving the safety of your backyard. With its clean and classic styles, our privacy fences offer the seclusion and strength you want.

Semi-Private Vinyl Fencing

Enjoy the best of both worlds – visibility and privacy – with vinyl fencing that still offers a great view. With different designs and widths available, you can customize your outdoor space.

Helping You Decide: Find the Best Affordable Fencing for Your Home!

Our catalog of options is wide open to you, and we also use our many years of experience to make suggestions about what might look or operate best given your unique living situation. 

The biggest decision you’ll need to make is choosing your fencing material. Many homeowners prefer vinyl fencing because it is an attractive option that’s easy to maintain, however the cost isn’t for every family. On the other hand, wood fences can be more affordable, but require more ongoing maintenance. And aluminum fencing can be cost-effective and hold up well, but doesn’t increase privacy as much as many homeowners need.

We will work with you to get you the result you’re looking for at the lowest possible cost, and maintain strong transparency with our decision-making process. We stand by our work, and so if you have any issues, we will fix the issue without hesitation. 

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With years of affordable fencing expertise under our belt, H&F Exteriors installs industry-leading fences that last for years to come. We’re completely invested in the St. Louis Metro East region and take pride in helping our neighbors ensure their properties and homes are better protected with durable, high-end fencing built by our trained experts.

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