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H&F Exteriors knows you have a wealth of options available to you for choosing the best deck and fence company to build and install affordable decks. That’s why we strive to complete our jobs to the total satisfaction of our customers. 

We love our own decks. Given the option, we might spend our whole life on a deck–chilling out, barbecuing, and watching the kids play. But love of play is built on top of a perfectly serious dedication to doing great work for our customers, and it is vital to us to give our customers the life-easing benefit of solid construction and the look they want for their home.

Get The Best Affordable Deck for Your Home

Affordable decks can sometimes seem like a pipe dream, depending on the deck and fence company you’ve been talking to. But H&F Exteriors is happy to work with you to find the deck within your price range. Many customers we talk to think of a new deck as an egregious expense before hearing our estimate. We like to offer potential clients a range of options to find out what price range works best for them.

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Affordable, Cool Decks from Dec-Tec

Dec-Tec’s base line features beautiful waterproof membranes that will last for ages, crafted from vinyl and designed after authentic wood, stone, and other neutral aesthetics. They are built to last for years in heavy-pedestrian traffic, which means that the everyday flow of your family will barely have an impact on their lifeline. They are resistant to mold, mildew, cracking, and general wear and tear. For anyone sick and tired of deck maintenance, Dec-Tec is the next step.

Ever have to play hot potato with your feet in the middle of the summer just because you stepped out onto your patio?  The Dec-Tec Coolstep line goes one step beyond the durable, lovely options of the classic Dec-Tec line and ensures that your feet are comfortable even in the warmest of temperatures. Light pattern membranes with increased solar reflectance mean that these panels absorb less heat, ensuring a safe step for you every step of the way. St. Louisians know that their home needs to be protected from extreme cold, heat, and precipitation–this is why we think Dec-Tec Coolstep is the best option for the evolution of your living space.

dec tec deck
dec tec decking

The Long-Term Advantages of Composite Decks

Many of us looking for new affordable decks have been stuck with an old one for some time. So you may not know that the composite decks that deck and fence companies offer these days are much improved from the latest innovations in technology. Manufacturing  in recent years has made them more cost-efficient to produce, making them deeply affordable to create and even to replace in the case of storm or accident damage. But such replacement is unlikely, given that composite materials are also resistant to scratching, denting, and chipping in the first place. 

The main advantage of composite decks is their great flexibility in customization and optionality, providing you with the factory precision of the deck of your dreams. Composite decks also come to you in the color you choose, cutting down on costs over time associated with painting and staining. 

Wood Decks – Less Expensive, Natural Looks

Wood decks are some of the loveliest and most affordable decks offered by deck and fence companies. While composite decks are terrific, there is something special about a wood deck. It just feels special and natural, and installation is often more affordable as they require less pieces than composite decking. 

Wood decks are the perfect option for the family that enjoys regular maintenance  to their surroundings. Think you may want to update the look of your yard in a few years? Easily done just by adding a new coat of stain or paint on the deck.

H&F Exteriors Is The Right Choice For Your Home

No matter what kind of affordable deck you think you need, a consultation from the deck experts of H&F Exteriors will help give you the complete picture you need to make an informed, satisfying decision. Contact us today to receive your estimate!