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Enhance Your Outdoor Space With a Custom Deck

As homeowners in the St. Louis Metro East, we love spending time outdoors on our decks, barbecuing, listening to the ballgame, and watching our kids play. We want that same experience for all of our neighbors and are here to help you live out your outdoor dreams with an affordable and functional deck for your family.

H&F Exteriors in Edwardsville is dedicated to solid construction, superior craftsmanship, and industry-leading customer service with every deck we build. We know you’ll be spending a lot of time on your new outdoor space, so we want it to last year after year.

It’s time to get outside and enjoy your little getaway from the rest of the world! Contact H&F Exteriors today to get started.

Let’s Design Your New Deck Together

Many homeowners think a brand new deck is out of their price range – until they talk to the deck installation experts at H&F Exteriors. With a variety of materials and finishes to choose from, we can help you find an affordable deck that fits your budget and design it to be a true extension of your home.

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Dec-Tec Vinyl Deck

Dec-Tec’s waterproof decking is crafted from high-quality vinyl and designed after authentic wood, stone, and other natural aesthetics. Built for heavy-pedestrian traffic and extreme St. Louis weather, Dec-Tec decks are resistant to mold mildew, cracking, and general wear and tear, which means you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor space and less time maintaining it.

Ever played footstep hot potato in the middle of summer just by walking onto a scorching deck? Dec-Tec’s light pattern membranes with increased solar reflectance mean that their panels absorb less heat, ensuring every step is safer for you, your kids, and your pets.

Composite Decks

Many homeowners considering a new deck are dealing with an old one that’s splitting, rotting, and warped. Today’s composite decks are a significant upgrade from the decks of the past thanks to the latest innovations in technology. Manufactured with both wood and plastic materials, composite panels are resistant to scratching, denting, and chipping.

Besides their easy maintenance, composite decks are a favorite among homeowners because of their greater affordability, flexibility, and customization and optionality. H&F Exteriors decks come in a rainbow of colors that tie in with your home design, eliminating the costs and time associated with painting and staining.

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Natural Wood Decks

For homeowners who prefer a more traditional outdoor living space, H&F Exteriors specializes in designing, constructing, and installing wood decks that offer both natural beauty and long-lasting durability. Wood decks are often the most affordable option since they require fewer pieces than composite decking. In addition, for homeowners who like to change up their home designs on a regular basis, wood decks can be easily updated with a new coat of stain or paint.

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The Best Deck Builder Near Me

H&F Exteriors in Edwardsville is the right choice for your home, no matter where you live in the St. Louis region. The deck experts at H&F will give you a complete picture of your affordable deck options to help you make an informed decision you and your budget are happy with.

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