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The H&F Preferred Siding System

A siding replacement is the best way to change the appearance and update the curb appeal of your home. There are many different products when it comes to siding, and H&F Exteriors has the experience and knowledge to help you make the right choice.

Underlayment: Just like your roof, Mother Nature will try her best to get underneath your siding and onto your wall sheathing.  An appropriate underlayment will keep the wind and rain out while allowing water vapor to escape the inside of the house.  Most siding projects will benefit from a moisture barrier such as DuPont Tyvek.  Some projects, especially on older houses that may have uneven walls, may call for fanfold insulation, a foam substrate that will even out your walls and provide a small insulation value. We can help you decide which is the right application for your siding job.

Aluminum vs. Vinyl vs. Composite: There are a multitude of siding products on the market – how do you choose?  We will work closely with you to determine the best choice for your exterior house cladding.  Here is a brief comparison, but H&F can help you make the right decision:

Aluminum – what once had its heyday is now mostly undesirable.  While it can provide an attractive surface, it is expensive, hard to source, requires painting and damages easily.  Most homeowners we work with move away from Aluminum siding during their restoration project.

Vinyl – the most popular siding product on the market, Vinyl is extremely versatile in a variety of applications.  When it comes to vinyl siding, a few decisions must be made.  The thickness of your vinyl siding will determine its durability.  Thickness ranges from .042 inches to .046 inches for most manufacturers.  You’ll also need to decide what type of profile you’d like – traditional vs. clapboard.  Finally, you’ll need to pick between the exposures available for the siding you’ve chosen, typically between the 3 and 5 inch range.  With all of these choices, H&F will be there at every step, helping you decide the best choice for your house.

Composite – Composite siding materials have gained in popularity in recent years.  Often refered to as the popular brand name Hardie Board, there are actually many manufacturers that produce similar products.  Composite materials offer a traditional wood-like look, with the advantage of easier installation and improved weather resistance.  Composite materials are typically more expensive than vinyl siding, but also have a longer lifespan.  We can help break down your choices for you.

Seam taping: While siding is an attractive exterior cladding for your house, it won’t stop the leaks and gaps around your windows, doors, and seams.  We often find missing tape, deteriorated tape, or incorrectly applied tape when doing re-siding jobs.  H&F always does a thorough analysis of all possible seams to ensure a complete seal behind your siding.

At H+F Exteriors, we believe that your home is your castle, and you deserve to feel a sense of pride when you see or think about it.

When you work with H+F, you’ll have the ability to easily visualize your home’s potential using the powerful app, HOVER. This incredible tool enables you to envision a multitude of possible concepts for your home’s new look. To begin the design process, simply use your smartphone to take eight photos capturing each angle of your home. The app then renders these photos into a fully customizable 3D model, allowing you to measure, design, and estimate your project. The intuitive nature of the app allows you to discover different products and colors; change the roof, siding, and windows using real materials from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers. You’ll no longer have to imagine what your home’s transformation will look like; and because we work with you every step of the way, we guarantee the result will look and feel just as you intended.

Contact us today to discuss your exterior remodeling project, and get ready to design the home (and castle) of your dreams.

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