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With a rich history of over 15 years specializing in exterior remodeling, H & F Exteriors stands as your trusted partner for flawless siding installation projects. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding you through the entire process, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. We possess the expertise to skillfully address challenges, guaranteeing a successful and satisfying siding installation.


Free Inspections

The first step in determining your home’s repair or replacement needs is enlisting the trusted exterior restoration professionals at H&F Exteriors for a free inspection. We’ll carefully evaluate all aspects of your roof, windows, siding, and gutters and identify any areas that need repair or replacement, giving you the information needed to move forward with your home restoration project.

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Siding Inspection

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Siding Options at Every Price Point

We serve customers from every walk of life and ensure that they receive the utmost in service no matter the type of siding they choose.

Certainteed American Legend Vinyl Siding

  • At .042 grade, this is our premier value option. 
  • They are offered in 4 styles and 21 colors.
  • STUDfinder technology facilitates accurate, quick installation.
  • Certainteed has been an industry leader for over 100 years and offers a limited lifetime warranty on all products.

Mastic Carved Wood Vinyl Siding

  • .044 grade vinyl siding providing superior appearance and performance.
  • Low maintenance, easy to install, and overflowing with aesthetic options.
  • Offered in 36 colors, five distinct profiles, and either smooth or woodgrain finish
  • Famous for its durability in all weather–for instance, it is rated to withstand winds up to 200 mph!

Certainteed Cedarboards Insulated Vinyl Siding

  • This insulated .046-grade siding replicates the look and feel of real cedar paneling.
  • Offers up to 18 colors and 3 different profiles. 
  • Easy maintenance – a bucket of water and vinyl soap are just five dollars!
  • Industry leader Certainteed offers a limited lifetime warranty on all products.

LP Smartside Composite Siding & Hardie Plank Fiber Cement Siding

  • Our designer option is for when you need the very best. 
  • It was engineered from the mill to be easy to install with standard lengths, meaning fewer seams and less waste!
  • They were tested in brutal conditions to optimize hail, wind, sun, fungus, and pest resistance. 
  • 16 distinct colors
  • Offers a 5/15/50 year limited warranty.

What to Know About Siding

We want you to be an expert in your home’s improvement. Curious about some of the terms we throw around?

Underlayment: This is what goes between your home and the siding we install, often insulating and protecting from moisture.

Aluminum: Mostly out of fashion due to its price and complicated maintenance, aluminum can still provide an attractive exterior for many homes. 

Vinyl: Popular due to its versatility, vinyl is a special kind of plastic that can be formulated to mimic every color and surface you can imagine. 

Composite: Gaining traction in home markets due to their ease of installation (that means lower costs for you) and weather resistance, composite materials are typically more expensive than vinyl siding but also have a longer lifespan. They offer a traditional wood-like look that looks great on any home.

Seam taping: Your windows, doors, and other seams can all be subject to the whims of bad weather and (unfortunately) subpar construction. When we re-side your house, we ensure that any missing, deteriorated, or misapplied tape is addressed with you and corrected as needed.

Choosing a Siding Contractor

The siding of your home is an investment in your house’s appearance and functionality. No one wants to live in an ugly house, a cold house, or a hot house. It has to be just right. With H&F Exteriors on your side, you will have the appearance and function you want at a price you can afford, installed by the best experts in the area.