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It can be tough to be a homeowner in the Greater St. Louis area, but choosing your siding contractor shouldn’t be. You want someone local who understands the crazy extremes of our weather and has connections with suppliers to bring you the best materials at the lowest prices. 

H&F Exteriors is the premier choice for your siding contractor needs. We work with you to give your home exactly the appearance you’re hoping for to really up your curb appeal, and we back up our recommendations and advice with years of expertise working with all the products on the market at every price point.

Siding Installation

Work with a Siding Contractor that Respects your Home Like You Do

If you’ve owned a home for any amount of time, you have probably learned the quality of the work of an installation is even more important than the quality of the materials you choose. A top-notch HVAC system installed incorrectly will cost you more money than it saves. In the same way, even the best siding can be a detriment to your home if it’s attached by a siding contractor who doesn’t know the business as we do. 

Properly installed siding protects the structural foundations of your home and insulates your home from the weather. Great siding will extend the life of the building, but poorly installed siding can lead to mold, mildew, or even structural damage and can increase your home’s energy costs. Choosing a siding contractor with expertise has a long-term impact on your home’s comfort and safety.

Moreover, siding is designed to wear out eventually because it serves a protective function. After your siding absorbs the weather and stress from time that would otherwise damage your home, it will ultimately need to be replaced. Especially in the St. Louis region and the metro-east, siding is exposed to every element. In the best case, the siding will last for 20 years; however, due to unique wear and tear, homeowners may have to replace it more often. 

H&F Exteriors wants to earn your long-term loyalty with compassionate care and give you precisely what you want. Your home is important, and H&F Exteriors treats it like the investment and living space that it is. At every point in our work, our success metric is your level of comfort and happiness with the job we’re doing. Just check out our siding reviews!

New Siding Options Refresh Your Home

What our siding contractor experts often recommend for siding repair or replacement is to leverage the moment. This means that once you have someone out working on your house making renovations, it only makes sense for them to do as much as possible to improve your home’s value, protection, and durability.

In one fell swoop, replacing the siding on your home can mean the following:

  • Falling in love with your home’s appearance again
  • Increasing the value of your home by matching current styles or eliminating value-hampering damage
  • Improving your home’s lasting value by replacing old, degrading materials with fresh, longer-lasting materials.
  • Upping the protection of your home by taking advantage of the all-weather protection offered by newer siding materials
  • Changing siding can significantly impact your home’s appearance and is excellent for value or helping you enjoy your house again.

Curious about how exactly your home will look with new siding of every kind? Check out Hover–our free-to-use tool allows you to customize your house ahead of time to help ease any uncertainty you may have.

Start designing your next home improvement project now!

Vizualize your home’s potential by simply snapping a few photos.

Siding Options at Every Price Point

We serve customers from every walk of life and ensure that they receive the utmost in service no matter the type of siding they choose.

Certainteed American Legend Vinyl Siding

  • At .042 grade, this is our premier value option. 
  • They are offered in 4 styles and 21 colors.
  • STUDfinder technology facilitates accurate, quick installation.
  • Certainteed has been an industry leader for over 100 years and offers a limited lifetime warranty on all products.

Mastic Carved Wood Vinyl Siding

  • .044 grade vinyl siding providing superior appearance and performance.
  • Low maintenance, easy to install, and overflowing with aesthetic options.
  • Offered in 36 colors, five distinct profiles, and either smooth or woodgrain finish
  • Famous for its durability in all weather–for instance, it is rated to withstand winds up to 200 mph!

Certainteed Cedarboards Insulated Vinyl Siding

  • This insulated .046-grade siding replicates the look and feel of real cedar paneling.
  • Offers up to 18 colors and 3 different profiles. 
  • Easy maintenance – a bucket of water and vinyl soap are just five dollars!
  • Industry leader Certainteed offers a limited lifetime warranty on all products.

LP Smartside Composite Siding & Hardie Plank Fiber Cement Siding

  • Our designer option is for when you need the very best. 
  • It was engineered from the mill to be easy to install with standard lengths, meaning fewer seams and less waste!
  • They were tested in brutal conditions to optimize hail, wind, sun, fungus, and pest resistance. 
  • 16 distinct colors
  • Offers a 5/15/50 year limited warranty.

What to Know About Siding

We want you to be an expert in your home’s improvement. Curious about some of the terms we throw around?

Underlayment: This is what goes between your home and the siding we install, often insulating and protecting from moisture.

Aluminum: Mostly out of fashion due to its price and complicated maintenance, aluminum can still provide an attractive exterior for many homes. 

Vinyl: Popular due to its versatility, vinyl is a special kind of plastic that can be formulated to mimic every color and surface you can imagine. 

Composite: Gaining traction in home markets due to their ease of installation (that means lower costs for you) and weather resistance, composite materials are typically more expensive than vinyl siding but also have a longer lifespan. They offer a traditional wood-like look that looks great on any home.

Seam taping: Your windows, doors, and other seams can all be subject to the whims of bad weather and (unfortunately) subpar construction. When we re-side your house, we ensure that any missing, deteriorated, or misapplied tape is addressed with you and corrected as needed.

Choosing a Siding Contractor

The siding of your home is an investment in your house’s appearance and functionality. No one wants to live in an ugly house, a cold house, or a hot house. It has to be just right. With H&F Exteriors on your side, you will have the appearance and function you want at a price you can afford, installed by the best experts in the area.