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The H&F Preferred Roofing System

At H&F we take great pride in installing the finest water shedding systems in the industry. Below is a look into the materials we prefer to use and benefits we provide when building your roof system.

Ice & Water Shield: Ice and Water Shield is a waterproofing underlayment. It is an adhesive backed composite roll of asphalt polymers, formed into a rolled sheet. The combination of asphalt and polymers make it vapor-tight, elastic and sticky. Additionally, Ice and Water Shield will stretch and seal around nails driven through it which allows it to maintain its waterproofing qualities.

6 Nails per shingle: At H&F we have trained our crews to install our shingles with six nails per shingle. This creates a significantly more durable surface and in addition enhances the manufacturer materials wind warranty.

Synthetic felt: Synthetic felt is a polymer-based underlayment that dramatically outperforms paper felt. It creates a water-resistant layer beneath asphalt roofing shingles. Synthetic felt is built with scrim-reinforcement which makes it much more resistant to wind and tearing than paper felt.

Lead pipe boots: Lead pipe boots are flashings that cover the top edge of roof exhaust pipes and tuck into the pipe. They offer longevity and water proofing advantages over metal/neoprene boots that will often break down in 10-12 years.  In fact, lead pipe boots will outlast most asphalt roofing products.

Lifetime Warranty: As a GAF Weather Stopper Certified Contractor, H&F Exteriors is proud to offer their exclusive System Plus Limited Warranty.  This warranty offers a full 50 years of non-prorated coverage for your entire roofing system from manufacturer defects.

Ridge Vent: Both aesthetically and functionally superior to traditional boxed ventilation, Ridge Ventilation is the most efficient passive ventilation product available.  Equally effective at ventilating heat and moisture from your attic, Ridge Vents are also designed to work with your roofing system’s matching ridge cap shingles.

Algae Resistance: H&F Exteriors offers a range of shingles from top manufacturers that are algae resistant for up to 10 years.  This unsightly growth mars an otherwise beautiful roofing system, so we’ve chosen to partner with shingle manufacturers that introduce this technology to their manufacturing process.

Architectural Shingle Upgrades: Many of our clients come to us with a 3-tab shingled roof system.  These shingles, while adequate to start, are typically shorter lived and less durable than more attractive Architectural shingles.  Whether you choose the GAF Timberline HD, the Certainteed Landmark, or the Owens Corning Duration series, upgrading your shingles to this level provides more wind and hail resistance in a better looking package.

H&F No Rot Guarantee: When water gets underneath your shingles, the first part of your house that is damaged is your roof sheathing.  We take pride in making sure the surface we nail our shingles into is solid and uniform.  When we encounter small pieces of dry rotted roof sheathing, we fix these at no cost to our clients, up to 2 sheets of plywood.

H&F Cleanliness Pledge: Roofing is messy work, there is no doubt about it.  But when H&F is on the job, we pledge to clean up better than any roofer in the business. Your yard is part of your sanctuary and we take that seriously. If you are able to find a coffee cup full of debris after our quality inspection, dinner is on us ($50 gift card).