Hello!  I’m Jill and I’m a Project Manager for H&F Exteriors. I have been with H&F Exteriors for about a year and a half now and I LOVE what WE do. The fact that we can build something with our 3D Models of your home now and turn them into your forever home is amazing to me. Bringing their dreams to light.

I find I really enjoy working with people and doing my part to make sure they are satisfied with the final product.  Communication and a strong work ethic are key components for my success.  Seeing homeowners’ faces once their project is complete, is so rewarding.   

“Excellent customer service is the number one job in any company.  It is the personality of the company and the reason customers come back. Without customers, there is no company.”

-Connie Elder

In my spare time, I enjoy fishing, being outdoors, going on hikes, making people smile, family time, being a dog mom and also being an aunt.

Jill Cochran


Years of Experience: 1.5 years

Degree in Massage Therapy


CertainTeed Shingle Master

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