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Customer Reviews

Anna A.
These guys are great! As if 2020 didn't have enough challenges, we also had a leaky roof. We got the run around from another company and then Juan with H&F showed up! He was kind, very detailed in his estimates and paperwork, and a great communicator. Their crew finished our roof in a timely manner and was great about cleaning up. They were all very friendly and I would definitely use them again, but hoping we won't need to for a lonnnng time!
Adam P.
We had H&F Exteriors install vinyl siding on our house in Creve Coeur over existing masonite. Every aspect of the job was professional; from the initial meeting with Jill to the final design meeting with Jill and Pete. They explained everything and even discussed some options to make sure we were 100% happy with the results. Jill and team were always communicating on the status of the materials, which was greatly appreciated. Josh and his crew were on time, professional, and efficient. Jill was also onsite everyday to make sure everything went smoothly. She even brought hats for my boys and treats for the dog. I 100% recommend H&F. Thanks, and when we have future needs, we will definitely be contacting H&F first.
Michael H.
I can say that this is a top notch company. After a year of having a new roof installed we ended up with a leak from a driving rain. The guys came out several times including one of the owners trying to resolve the issue. It is now fixed! Their tenacity and professionalism are greatly appreciated. This is a customer oriented company that I would recommend to all friends and family

Our Residential Roof Repair Process

At H&F we take great pride in installing the finest water shedding systems in the industry. Take a look at the benefits of our preferred method for installing your new roof.

1 - H&F No Rot Guarantee

What good is a new roof if the wood underneath it is water damaged and rotten? When you hire H&F for your roof replacement, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that each aspect of your roof, down to the wood, has been thoroughly inspected to ensure that no wood rot is present. This step is crucial in determining whether or not it’s safe to apply the rest of your roofing system.

2 - Ice and Water Shield

Ice and water shield is a waterproofing roof underlayment that acts as a shield against water and ice damage. This acts as a first layer of defense and, because it bonds directly to the wood, makes the wood waterproof and provides a watertight seal around the shingles and roofing nails. Without an ice and water shield, your roof is susceptible to ice dams and wind-driven rain, which can damage your roofing structure and walls.

3 - Synthetic Water-Resistant Underlayment

Unlike most roofing systems, which utilize paper felt underlayment, H&F only uses synthetic felt. This high quality product is completely waterproof and, because it doesn’t rip or shred by hand, is safe for our roof installation crew. Other products don’t last and are only water resistant; meaning eventually they’ll leech asphalt when they start to get wet, causing those unsightly black streaks under your gutters.

4 - True Starter Shingles

Starter shingles are the first layer of large, narrow shingles typically made of asphaltic material, which are installed on the roof just before the finish shingles. Starter shingles are integral because they adhere to the shingles on the edges of your roof and protect them from the harsh weather elements. Without starter shingles, a simple gust of wind could sneak under the shingles on the edges of your roof, ripping them up, and perhaps even off, your roof. In addition to wind resistance, starter shingles also provide a crucial extra layer of protection from windblown rain and other variations of invasive water.

5 - Select Shinglemaster with Certainteed

The Certainteed SELECT ShingleMaster program was designed for top-notch professional roofers, like the ones here at H&F. We’ve earned this highest-level credential through a series of rigorous processes, including several significant educational and accreditation steps. This mark of distinction separates us from most other companies, making us some of the most knowledgeable roofing installers in the industry. Rest assured that when you hire H&F to replace your roof, it will be completed by one of the best roofing teams in the area.

6 - Ridge Ventilation

The ridge vent is another important part of the roofing system. Installed at the peak of a sloped roof, the ridge vent allows damp, warm air to escape from the attic, and is designed to help resist wind-driven rain and snow. A properly installed ridge vent will increase energy efficiency, improve interior comfort, and prolong the life of your roof.

7 - True Hip and Ridge Cap

Hip and ridge shingles are the “finishing touch” shingles and are critical for maximizing the performance and aesthetics of your roof. They’re named after the purpose for which they were designed: to cover your roof’s hips and ridges. Placed at the top of each slope, hip and ridge shingles provide a protective bridge to make your roof weather tight, while also protecting the ridge vents. Your roofing system wouldn’t be complete without them!

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